Command line helper for helm.

This utility adds to the functionality of Helm (opens new window) in multiple ways:

  • Creates a declarative syntax to manage multiple releases in one place
  • Allows installation of charts from a git commit/branch/release

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# Requirements

  • python 3
  • helm (>= 3.0.0), installed and initialized

Note: Python2 is no longer supported by Reckoner. Note2: Helm2 support will not be tested from v4.3.0. The maintainers have deprecated helm2 (opens new window).

# Installation

  • pip install reckoner

# Quickstart

In course.yaml, write:

namespace: default
    namespace: grafana
        tag: "6.2.5"
    namespace: polaris-dashboard
      path: stable
    chart: polaris

Then run:

reckoner plot course.yaml --run-all

Grafana and Polaris should now be installed on your cluster!

# Importing Existing Releases

Warning: Experimental

If you're already using Helm but want to start using reckoner, you can use reckoner import to facilitate your migration.

We recommend carefully examining the output of a reckoner diff before relying on any imported course.yml definitions.