# Contributing

# Installation for Local Development


  • Python 3
  • pip
%> python -V                   # Check your version of python
%> python -m venv venv        # setup a virtual env in your cloned repo
%> source ./venv/bin/activate  # use the virtual env
(venv) %> pip install -e .     # Installs reckoner as locally linked folders
(venv) %> reckoner --version   # Check the version you're running in the virtualenv

Note that some of the above commands may need python3 instead of just python to work depending on your environment.

Note: Python2 is no longer supported by this tool

# Requirements for Pull Requests

  • Update the changelog
  • Run tests
  • Suggest version bump type

# How to run tests and test coverage

>> pip install -r development-requirements.txt
>> pytest

With Coverage Reports

>> pytest --cov reckoner/ --cov-report=html #shows an html line coverage report in ./htmlcov/
>> pytest --cov reckoner/ --cov-report=term #shows terminal coverage report of % coverage